Everpure QL3 Sinlge Cap Head

ID : Everpure QL3 Sinlge Cap Head
Brand : Everpure
Condition : New
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Everpure QL3 Sinlge Cap Head

The QL3 Head replaces the older model QC4 # EV9313-46 Single Head with Locking Bracket.

Built-in water shut-off valve. Includes mounting bracket and screws.

Can also be used with the following cartridges: All H Series, S Series, OCS, BH, 2K Plus, 4K Plus, 4K, 2CB5, 2CB5-S, 2CB5-K, 4CB5, 4CB5-S, 4CB5K, OW-200L, OW2-Plus, OW4-Plus, 4C, 4H, MC, DM, XC, CV, 7DM, 7CV, 7SO and many MANY more...

Flow Rate: 1/2 GPM
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