Sediment Whole House Water Filters 40 pcs

ID : sediment-40 pack
Brand : hydronix
Condition : New
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case of 40 sediment water filters 10x2.5 inch

Ideal for residential water filters, aquariums, photography, dyes, light commercial use... Functions: Polypropylene filter for removal of sand,silt,dirt and rust removal

100% polypropylene cartridges. Multi-layered construction for true depth filtration allows for up to 30% longer life, The multi-layer graded density captures particles throughout the entire cross section of the cartridge and reduces surface binding. This Replacement for AP810 and withstand extreme pressurer drop and stress such as water hammer
Extended life & superior holding capacity
10" x 2.5"
Rated at 140 degrees max operating temperature
Fits 10" housings