Liquatec CB-250-20-05 Carbon Block Filter

Micron 5
size 2.5" x 20"

The Liquatec CB-250-20-05 filter cartridge can be used in point-of-use (POU) and Reverse Osmosis system applications. These filter cartridges can be used in a wide range of applications such as residential, food service, commercial, and industrial.

The Liquatec CB-250-20-05 filter should be changed approxiMately every 2 to 6 months depending on water quality and water usage.

Dimensions: 20" L x 2-1/2" W.
Initial Pressure Change Flow: 4.0 psid 1.5gpm.
Operating Temperature: 40°F - 180°F.

Carbon: Coconut Shell.
End Caps: Polypropylene.
Outer Wrap: Polypropylene.
Inner Wrap: Polypropylene.
Netting: Polypropylene.
Gaskets: Neoprene.
Filter Media: Polypropylene..