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Baby Bath Water Filter
Baby Bath Water Filter

Baby Bath Water Filter

Brand : SPRITE
Condition :  New
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The Baby Shower - Filtered Water Protection

Fits Kitchen Faucet or Shower

Sprite BBS Baby Shower Filtered Shower Wand
Attaches to kitchen faucet or shower arm
Replaceable filter cartridge (Model HHC filter cartridges) rated for 3 months or 3,000 gallons, which ever comes first
Easy grip shower handle with gentle single setting spray
Includes: Handle, Hose, Hose Filter with replaceable cartridge, Faucet Adaptor and Bracket
Long Reach 5` 10" hose
For a healthy start in life, bathe infants a the kitchen sink using the faucet adaptor (included). As your baby grows into a toddler and young child, The Baby Shower easily connects to any existing shower arm, using the bracket (included).

The easy to hold handle helps direct soap and shampoo away from baby`s eyes. The handle size and gentle water spray are a perfect fit for infants and children alike.

The KDF-55 and Chlorgon inside the shower water filter use advanced redox (reduction-oxidation) technology to provide a more healthful shower.