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Rainsoft COMP-TFC-RS9-50 Reverse Osmosis Membrane

made by hydron

The Rainsoft Compatible TFC-RS9-50 Reverse Osmosis Membrane has a 50 Gallon per day maximum capacity.The Rainsoft Compatible TFC-RS9-50 RO Membrane is a TFC membrane. TFC membranes are not chlorine tolerant. A carbon filter must be used before the TFC membrane to reduce chlorine.Use the TFC-RS9-50 membrane in the Rainsoft Ultrefiner 9568 and the Rainsoft Ultrefiner 9598and#44; 9757and#44; 21191and#44; UF-50and#44; UF50Tand#44; UF50TCBand#44; UF50T-CBVOCand#44; and UF50N-CBVOC reverse osmosis systems.