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Watts (WQCFU-T-11) 3-Stage Kwik Change 11'' Undersink Annual Replacement Filter Bundle - MPN - AnnualBundle WQCFU-T-11KIT

(2) WQCSC11 11" Sediment Prefilter (Red)
(2) WQCCC11 11" Carbon Block Prefilter (Yellow)
(1) WQCHFC11 11" Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Membrane (Purple)

Very Important!! Please Read!! These filters are NOT FOR WATTS Premier Costco systems. Though both the WATTS Kwik-Change and WATTS Premier systems are similar in appearance and manufactured by WATTS, the filters are NOT the same. If you buy Kwik-Change filters for your Premier system, they will NOT FIT! The Premier systems say "Watts", but they do not say "Kwik-Change". Also, Premier systems have a push button filter release, whereas the Kwik-Change systems have a twist-off filter release. This listing is for twist-off filters. Be sure you are ordering the correct filters.