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Quick-change replacement filters for the Reverse Osmosis-Pure system. One year supply.

For the 50 gpd system
Replacement filter pack for Watts Premier R/O-Pure system
5-pc. annual-filter pack
Sanitary “push-button” filter change
Watts Premier Quick change Replacement Filters
free shipping
Easy one-step filter change procedure (no tools needed)
Replacement pack includes:
2 – 5-micron sediment filters to trap dirt, rust, sand, silt and suspended particles
2 – 5-micron carbon-block filters to reduce chlorine taste and odor
1 – final carbon-block filter (polishing/final) to enhance taste and quality
Filter changing instructions:
Push button and filter pops out
Identify correct replacement filter
Push filter in with label facing towards you until you hear a click
Follow normal start-up procedures
Check for leaks

this will fit the costco and sams club watts premier push botton filter set
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