WATTS Filter Kit contains the following Filters;

100 gallon per day system 13 " Fllter size

(2) Sediment (red)
(2) Carbon Pre-filter (yellow)
(1) 100 GPD Membrane (green)
(1) Carbon Post-filter (blue)

Very Important!! Please Read!! These filters are NOT FOR WATTS Premier Costco systems. Though both the WATTS Kwik-Change and WATTS Premier systems are similar in appearance and manufactured by WATTS, the filters are NOT the same. If you buy Kwik-Change filters for your Premier system, they will NOT FIT! The Premier systems say "Watts", but they do not say "Kwik-Change". Also, Premier systems have a push button filter release, whereas the Kwik-Change systems have a twist-off filter release. This listing is for twist-off filters. Be sure you are ordering the correct filters.